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  I was raised in Olivehust, California with both Mom, Dad and older brother. I wasn't raised in a Christian home but there was lot's of love there. In 1985 my cousin invited me to a Penticostal church in Linda, California. I had no clue what I was about to experience. That sunday morning will be a morning I will never forget. The people were nicely dressed, just as I imagined they would be. The service started with worship...., there was something about the way it made you feel. There was some kind of power there, something good, something pure. It was a feeling I wanted to have inside of me. It was a feeling which I wanted to have for the rest of my life. I continued to go to church, becoming very involved with the youth group. I was a youth leader and I played guitar for the youth band. I felled to receive the power of God. I dressed like everyone else, I had the right walk and I had the right talk, but my heart was hurting, masked with a fake smile and personality.I was playing games with God..I was an imposter. Two of the most important things you have to establish as a Christian is reading the word ( The Bible ) and have a healthy prayer life. The bible says in Revelations 3:20 " Here Iam! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me."These I failed to do. It wasn't long, I had dropped out of church. I dabbled with drugs and alcohol.I was playing the devil's game of life..,a life of pain and misery. It wasn't long til' I found myself in Folsom State Prison doing 4 consecutive years. Talk about a eye opener. I got married  to a wonderful woman named Leta and we have a awesome relationship. My life was still in shambles. Everything I touched, I destroyed. With my life a mess, my heart heardened I asked God...Lord, no matter what it takes, even if I have to go back to prison.., help me  find You again.Three days later my wife asked me if I wanted to go to church. God must have inspired her to ask me because that was a question she would have never asked.  That sunday morning we made Jesus the Lord of our life. God broke my heart of stone and embraced it. AWESOME!!!

  God called me to the youth ministry, and here Iam today, married to a beautiful Christian woman, we have a saved and Holy Ghost filled son. For the first time in history, my parents, brother,son, grandparents and my mother - in - law are all saved. AWESOME.

  If you don't know Jesus, He is there hoping and waiting for you. Give Him a try..., what do you have to lose? He is standing at the door of your heart knocking, He is whispering in the ears of your heart saying, Let me in, I love you., I guarantee this, if you will listen and open your heart to let Jesus in, he will change your life and you too will feel the power on God in your life. Your life will begin to make sence. Jesus is the best high I have ever had.



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