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Missions Statement

We at Arise Ministries believe very strongly in the Great Commission of  Mark 16:15

"And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."

While I was directing New life Bible College in Marysville CA, our motto was "Seeking World Impact". I felt it appropriate to include this into Arise Ministries missions statement as well.





The Kingdom of Bhutan lies in the eastern Himalayas, between Tibet to the north and the Indian territories of Assam and West Bengal to the south. The Kingdom has a total area of about 47,000 square kilometers. Located in the heart of the high Himalayan mountain range, Bhutan is a land-locked country surrounded by mountains.




The Sowers Ministry is a non-profit missions organization involved in  evangelism, training believers and church planting. Our goal is to preach Christ where His name is not known and plant churches where none exist.
There are over 250 co-workers in TSM, from Asia, Europe, North America and other parts of the world. We are a team committed to work with the Church to proclaim the Gospel to people who have never heard. We make a point of searching out, cultivating and respecting national and local leadership in the countries where we work, and emphasize indigenous Gospel work. We also cultivate international cooperation and encourage partnership between the Church in Asia and the Church around the world to bring about total mobilization of people, prayer and finances.

The Victory Churches (TVG):

Jesus said, "I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." (Matthew 16:18). As more and more people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus each day, we make it a priority to place every believer in a local church. In the task of making an impact in our society with the Gospel, CHURCH PLANTING is the focal point. Our goal is to plant 500 churches in India, 500 in China and 200 churches in the Himalayas. We believe that it is our responsibilities not just to "give birth to babies" but also to mature them in the family atmosphere of a local church.

Missions Training Center (MTC):

Mission Training Centers are established under the covering of The Victory Churches. We train laborers to go to the unreached people where the name of Christ has never been preached. The training is geared specifically toward those who are called to church planting ministry. So far we have trained over 250 students. Our goal is to pour 2000 new gospel workers into the Harvest field by 2005 AD.

Believers Conferences:

One of the greatest needs of the Asian Church is greater knowledge of the Bible. We believe that every believer is to do the work of the ministry. Regular conferences taught by five fold ministers provide intensive training for church members. With this vision, we will conduct dozens of small and large conferences across Asia.


Although our focus in the ministry is to disciple, train believers and plant churches, we hold evangelistic crusades to reach the masses. We have plans to conduct numerous crusades, and also to follow up on the new believers resulting from large crusades held by other ministries.

Equipping The Church:

In some countries such as China, Vietnam, Mongolia and Bhutan most of the churches are very young and newly established. They have very basic needs for supporting pastors and evangelists on a monthly basis. We also provide them with gospel tools such as Bibles, teaching materials, tracts, song books, tapes and tape players. Bicycles, motor bikes and vans speed up the mobility of evangelists and gospel teams. There is also a great need of funds for simple church buildings.

Love and Hope Mercy Ministry:

The Word of God repeatedly tells us to care for the poor and needy. We have been providing for underprivileged and orphan children in India. Our goal is to assist the local churches to care for the practical needs of the poor along with their spiritual needs.

Short and Long Term Missions Ministries:

The greatest need on the mission field is laborers. While the native workers are the most effective in long term church planting work, foreign missionaries can also play a valuable role in speeding up the process. We provide opportunities for visitors to take Bibles to the believers in China and Vietnam. We arrange trekking teams to the mountains of Nepal, India and Thailand to evangelize, pass out tracts, preach in open air meetings and help in the childrens projects. We arrange these trips for world Christians to get to meet with the people they are assisting. Often it is a tremendous boost for natives working in isolated areas. We also have opportunities for over 200 foreign workers with two to five years commitment to work on the mission fields. Write to us today!

For more info. on our Missions send emails to:randy.childers@comcast.net ( President ) or revcorychilders@yahoo.com ( Vice President )